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Have you been letting your knowledge go to waste? Do you have a talent that many wants to learn? Do you want to bring a positive change in the lives of young people? Then become a trainer at Ademy today. Ademy is a platform that connects tutors and students. A lot of students benefit from the various courses offered by the trainers of Ademy. If you have sufficient knowledge of a field or a talent that you can impart to students and help them succeed in their field, sign up today to become a trainer. It is that simple. By following a few steps, you can sign up as a trainer and start influencing young minds.
What Do You Have to Do To Become a Trainer?
One-on-One Meeting: If you want to become a trainer at Ademy, Please click button "Apply as trainer" below or contact us via email ([email protected]) for further information, and we will set up a meeting with you to discuss the terms of your work. During the meeting, we will tell you in detail how Ademy works and how you can be a part of our quickly growing service. We will also clear any confusion you have regarding our services.
Sign The Contract: Once you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of working at Ademy, we will give you a contract. All the terms of your service will be listed on your contract. Sign the contract after reading it carefully. And that's it; you are a trainer at Ademy.
Minimal Fee: Ademy's aim is to connect trainers with the students in their area. We wish to make knowledge available for every student. We only charge a 30% fee to our trainers. We also post ads on Facebook and other social platforms for our trainers and charge them according to that platform’s rate.
What Do You Have To Do As a Trainer?
Once you have become a trainer at Ademy, you will list your courses on Ademy and students from your area will be able to contact you to attend your courses. Ademy will help you find a suitable venue for the classes. Students and trainers will come together to spread the love of knowledge. Ademy will connect them with each other to ensure that no hurdle remains in their way.
Why Ademy?
There might be other services like us so why should you choose Ademy? Because for us, it is not about business. We wish to eradicate illiteracy from the world, and that wish has driven us to create Ademy. We value our trainers. We take only 30% fee from them. All the remaining money goes to the trainer. Ademy helps you find the perfect venue to teach your courses to the students and connect students from your location with you. This way we ensure that no students remains without guidance and no trainer has to sit idle. So if you want to influence young minds and bring a positive change in their lives, become a trainer at Ademy today.

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