About Us


Founded by a group of devoted scholars, Ademy.guru is a global online educational platform for teaching and learning. This online learning platform for students offers an avenue for students to choose courses relevant to their career and also select whom to teach them. We aim to enhance access to high-quality education not minding the students' location, as we believe that free education has the power to break boundaries and touch lives. We breach the state and country boundaries to take education to all parts of the world. Our team is bent on transforming the online learning process, delivering an excellent education to all parts of the globe. Our website is created to help students connect with expert tutors who’ll guide them as they master all aspects of their careers through courses chosen carefully by both tutor and student. We understand that finance, venue and marketing hinder many of the world’s talent and we strive to save these talents by providing a platform where tutors can provide professional online training for interested students. Our platform brings together the best tutors with quality backgrounds and makes them accessible to the students who will study from a tutor, and know the background of the tutor. We never cease in our quest to eliminate world illiteracy. Are you a tutor or have anything to teach, you are free to Sign Up and offer your course. Are you in search of a course, feel free to join today.

Mission Statement

Ademy`s mission is to make available quality education and training to people of all nations.

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